HABIT 3: Grow Your Strengths

You Likely Have Great Strengths Within that Can Be Applied in New Ways

Habit 3 means you don’t just focus on what you’re good at, you take what you’re good at and build it into a core strength.

Steve Jobs:  Innate Genius or Did He Grow His Strengths? 

By the time Steve Jobs had his first success with the Macintosh, he had put in 10 years of hard work.  During that time, he had developed a range of strengths.  The press may like to portray it as genius, but the reality is he developed his strengths to a high level.

Fujifilm versus Kodak: Fujifilm’s Survival Came Down To Seeing Its Unique Strengths

Few business stories are more striking than how Kodak went bankrupt while Fujifilm innovated its way out of the same crisis. To read the full story, see: Do You Need to Innovate Out of a Crisis? Here’s How Fujifilm Did Just That

What was the crisis?  The disappearance of the market for photographic camera film. 

What was one of the biggest difference that saved Fujifilm? Fujifilm spent a year and a half deeply analyzing its existing greatest  strengths and how to use them in new markets. The result? The company learned out it could use its strengths in the technologies behind photographic film, such as expertise in collagen, to enter into the cosmetics industry and pharmaceuticals.