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HABIT 1: Focus – Master the Art and Skill of Focusing

How Focus Led to Insane Innovation at Apple.

Steve Jobs may have pursued  wildly ambitious goals like trying to put a dent in the universe, but on a day to day basis he was highly practical and remarkably focused.  That habit of focus helped save Apple from bankruptcy in 1997, when Jobs made the bold move to insist the company focus on just four products.

How did Steve Jobs Cultivate this Habit?

Victory has a thousand fathers, and defeat is always an orphan.

In the same vein, there are a thousand ways today to get distracted, but really only one way to develop focus: you need to cultivate it.

Habit 7 is zen-like in the sense that it is the ability to be both focused on the task before you while you are also dedicated to the larger ideals or future goals.

One way that Steve Jobs developed a phenomenal power of focus was that he had first cultivated Habit 1. He had all three key passions as regards his life and work. To see why this was so important, see The Hidden Message in Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Address.