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HABIT 2: Find Your 3 Key Passions and Build Creative Confidence

Find These THREE Key Passions in Whatever You Do

This may sound surprising, but Habit 2 is really all about your emotions.

When Steve Jobs spoke to Stanford students in 2005, he told three stories from his life.  They were deeply personal, and each is an example of a type of passion you absolutely must cultivate in yourself. If you do, it will lay the foundation for a career in which you will likely be highly creative.

To read more about how Steve Jobs successfully cultivated these 3 key passions, see The Hidden Message in Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Address.

Don’t Blindly ‘Just Follow Your Passion’ – Read These

A big part of this habit is also to make sure you’re not sidetracked by the fairly empty career advice of ‘just follow your passion.’

To read more on this, see:  ‘Just Follow Your Passion’ is Sexy but Simplistic, Bad Advice.

For another look at why the ‘just follow your passion’ advice can be misleading, see Cal Newport’s 2012 piece in the Harvard Business Review, Solving Gen Y’s Passion Problem, by Cal Newport (Harvard Business Review).

For some background on how science shows why passion and inner motivation are so essential:  see the post  Passion, Purpose and Innovating:  The Link We Are Still Missing . 

Creative Confidence – and How Can You Get More of It?

One of the great things about the science in the last twenty years is that it has shed light on what you can do to build your creative confidence.

For an excellent book on this, read the aptly titled Creative Confidence, by Tom Kelley and David Kelley from IDEO and the d School at Stanford.

Is it Just Your ‘Lizard Brain?’

A big part of cultivating creative confidence is overcoming the usual fears, like the fear of failure or fear of rejection.  Some argue these fears come from deep within your reptilian brain, also called the ‘lizard brain.’  To explore this idea, see the post Is that Old Lizard Brain of Yours Killing Your Creativity?